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Email to be added in the database of care providers (doctors, genetic counselors,specialists,health clinics,hospitals,agencies and more)

Health concierge

  • precision medicine using genetic tests
  • telemedicine where doctor and health consumers can electronically set up an appointment and video chat
  • where consumers are more engaged with health data, science and connected health care
  • where consumers can work with genetic counselors to understand genetic tests and derive actionable health data insights

Share us your posts via email in these major categories:

  1. Precision medicine – genetic tests, molecular age tests, others
  2. Health Care watch board – government policies and your comments about them
  3. Organize and meetup-EVENTS using – per city
  4. Health education – we can help doctors with instruction guides per health condition and curated health data/news for all
  5. Sports, nurition and lifestyle – tips from all, doctors and health consumers
  6. Success stories
  7. Rewards from businessess, corporations, drug companies, others
  8. Senior care
  9. Ebooks
  10. Health marketplace
  11. Donations
  12. Clinical trials
  13. Health data by race, sex, age, country,city and health issues
  14. Resources, health innovations
  15. Ask Connie – doctors and consumers can participate
  16. Health insurance – comparisons and more
  17. Donations – to promote wellness and health and to include links to planned parenthood , environmental protection/sustainability and more


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