Health Care Professionals are welcome

Dear health care pros,

You may email to be added in the database so that consumers can find you for telemedicine and health concierge.

It is our goal to create a community that promotes wellness of body and mind utilizing the health care resources around us.

We will abide by GINA and HIPPA compliance.

Together, we will build a preventive and connected approach to health care using precision medicine, telemedicine, health concierge and predictive medicine.

You will be supported in learning more about genetics tests, be connected with molecular geneticists in your city, to equip you with more resources towards a predictive medicine.

Soon, we will have genetic tests to identify early cancer development and molecular age of each one.


Connie Dello Buono

Mailing address: Motherhealth LLC
1708 Hallmark Lane, San Jose, CA 95124 ; 408-854-1883

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