About our mission to engage consumers, use genetic tests and connect with providers to create actionable health points

Many of us know someone who died of cancer. What if we know that cancer will grow in our body in few years and we can stop it before it reaches stage 1.

What if we have a blood marker that can accurately predict our molecular age? We can then examine our lifestyle, nutrition, exercise level and other decisions we make each day toward wellness and health promotion.

We can work with genetic counselors and our doctors with a comprehensive genetic health data to effect health and ensure that we can derive actionable health points from our health data.

We can connect with many specialists, doctors and care team using an electronic scheduling and video chats.

And be more engage with our health with health concierge at http://www.avatarca.net

We are entering an area in health care where:

  • Health consumers and doctors making predictive medicine within reach and a path to cancer prevention and an integrated health concierge.
  • Prognostic biomarkers, actionable health data, genetic tests, predictive medicine and health concierge for health consumers.
  • Telemedicine, predictive medicine and participatory medicine directed by health consumers and providers.
  • Slow cancer’s path and slow aging with prognostic biomarkers and health concierge direct to health consumers.


Address health gaps

  1. High chronic health care costs with no proactive in-home care monitoring.
  2. Disparate and not integrated health data with absence of genetic tests and other comprehensive and preventative health measures and care plans.
  3. Absence of on-demand video chats with health care providers and other allied health providers.
  4. New technologies not integrated to each other and not accessible to consumers such as electronic scheduling, video chats and predictive medicine with health concierge online and in mobile platform.
  5. Precision medicine used during the last stage of cancer as consumers are not aware of genetic tests and genetic data that are more predictive and where consumers can participate in effecting health outcomes early.

Join Us

I invite you to join us, a health care provider, mobile app developer, investor and health consumer passionate about finding a cure for cancer, and empowering health consumers to be engaged about their health, connect with their providers using telemedicine and use health data to drive more actionable health points.

Connie Dello Buono


http://www.avatarcare.net soon to be the health concierge platform to stop cancer and more

http://www.clubalthea.com for main health blog

Motherhealth LLC

1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose, CA 95124





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