Vitamin B and Pineapple for nerve damage by Dr E. Kane


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When the structures of the wrist become inflamed and swollen from overuse, the pressure from the swelling can cause pressure on the nerves, especially on the palm side of the wrist, and this can indeed be very painful.  As with many common ailments that involve compromised or pinched nerves, B vitamins can be quite helpful in aiding nerve healing.  Whether you are hoping to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or treat it, consider taking 1000-2000 mcg B12 (I like the sublingual “dots”) and at least 50 mg of B6 daily for 6-12 weeks.

Also, to reduce the swelling, go easy on mammal food (beef, pork, cheese, milk, etc) for a few months because these foods are high in arachadonic acid, which promotes inflammation.  I also really like to use high potency digestive enzymes away from food (1000-2000 mg daily of a high CFU count bromelain) once or twice…

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