Herbalist and acupuncturist case reports


Knee pain and diabetes

PatientMan, AGE 67, 4/14/93
SymptomsRight knee pain, recently diagnosed with diabetes
ObservationsPulse: slippery, hollow, deficient spleen, weak kidney pulse, Tongue pale, thin yellow pulse, scalloped
Diagnosisspleen and kidney qi deficiency with dampness and Bi pain of the right knee.
Treatmentsshih Chuan Da Bu Wan
Acupuncture: eye of the knee for left, 2 emperor for diabetes.
CommentsBy second visit, knee completely recovered, feels great

Cholecystitis and asthma

PatientWoman, 4/22/93
SymptomsGall bladder pain, doctors found a hiatal hernia, pain is aggravated from fats and oils, stabbing, stinging pains, pain under the right ribs from middle to far right, pain goes away with grape juice, trouble losing weight. Has severe asthma.
ObservationsDamp heat in the gall bladder
TreatmentStone Free, Turmeric root 1 tsp., 3x daily, Tea Oregon Grape, wild yam, fennel seed. three cups daily, Sylamarin extract, Triphala.

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