Whole foods to prevent pain/inflammation, sciatica, endometriosis


Prostaglandins are the main hormones in the body that can increase or decrease inflammation. The body makes them from fatty acids. The type of prostaglandin created by your body (pro or anti-inflammatory) depends on the type of fatty acids in your body provided through your diet.
Prostaglandins are hormones that our body uses to manage the inflammatory processes in the body. Your body produces them from the fats you ingest. Not all prostaglandins are bad, however. Your body produces two different kinds: ones that promote inflammation and ones that inhibit it. If you have arthritis or other conditions negatively impacted by chronic or excessive inflammation, you probably have heard a lot about anti-inflammatory diets and that the foods you eat could affect prostaglandin production.

Diet to reduce pain, cyst, and other conditions such as sciatica, endometriosis, pain-related disorders
• anti-inflammatory (less pain) function
• promotes less estrogen (endometriosis and sciatica…

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