The Dangers of the Tetanus Vaccine By Daniel Dunkin



Any information obtained here is not to be construed as medical or legal advice. The decision to vaccinate and how you implement that decision is yours and yours alone to make.


Before discussing the dangers of the tetanus vaccine, what is tetanus? Tetanus is caused by a bacteria that is injected into a wound via a puncture or cut. Tetanus can be obtained by a trauma such as a broken bone or even a burn. In fact, back in 1902 there was a tetanus outbreak in St. Louis where one of the horses used to produce Diphtheria antitoxin had contracted tetanus and as a result, the diphtheria vaccine caused an outbreak of Tetanus that killed 13 children. Are our manufacturing processes better now? Probably. So do we now know everything? No, but the danger is that we think we do, or at least those pushing for the sales present themselves like they do.


Once the bacteria, Clostridium tetani, gets trapped within the body and has no source of oxygen, it produces a toxin that amplifies the chemical signal between the nerve and muscle tissue causing spasms, and in severe cases can cause respiratory failure or Heart Arythmia. The statistics on death rates vary widely from one source to another ranging anywhere from 10% to 90%, with the higher rates being in undeveloped and developing countries. Australia claims a death rate of about 10%, while Tetanus in Africa or other less developed nations are extremely high.


In some of my resources below, Dr Sherri Tennpenny was shocked to find that so many cases of tetanus occur in fully vaccinated people. Dr. Kris Gaublomme questions that since the disease itself does not provide immunity, then how can a vaccine procvide immunity. In fact, many people have more than ample antitoxins in their system, and get tetanus anyway. So the industry claims they have reduced the number of cases, yet the vaccine and Tetanus itself does not appear to provide an immunity, then why have the numbers dropped so drastically since the 1940’s? Hygene and better medical practices. Put simply, in developed nations such as the U.S., we have sterile water supplies, we have rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide in nearly every home, and we are educated enough to know to clean cuts and wounds thuroughly.


Tetanus is everywhere, but it is not as vast and widespread as we imagine it to be. The greatest fear is in Horse manuer primarily, but it is also in some other animals as well. The old addage of a rusty nail really has little bearing on whether tetanus is present or not, in fact some resources I have found show more concern over wood splinters, pyogenic infections and wounds with extensive tissue damage. Primarily once again, due to a need to disinfect and clean this wound in a timely fashion. It should be cleaned immedately, but if circumstances make this difficult, it should be cleaned at least within four hours.


Based on the evidence, it appears that the vaccine itself does not give an immunity, no matter how up to date they are, so what are some of the dangers of the tetanus vaccine? The first thing to look at as dangerous are the ingredients. You don’t just get a tetanus toxoid, with the injection you are also receiving formaldehyde, sodium phosphate monobasic, sodium phophate dibasic,
Dr. Mendelsohn MD eliminated Tetanus as a vaccine he felt should be given, as one of the last vaccines to be removed from his list. His final elimination of this vaccine was not because of the dangers of the Tetanus Vaccine, but for a host of changes made in the vaccine over a period of time. These changes included:
growing evidence that overuse may weaken the effect
the medical community went from giving tetanus boosters every year to 2 years to 5 years to 10 years to even 20 years, all done based on guesswork and no scientific support
There have been absolutely no controlled Scientific studies on the effectiveness of the vaccine.  The vaccine has been weakened over the years to reduce the side effects of fever and swelling, (of course the additives are still there) Statistics after the reduction of tetanus cases eventually showed that 40% of children had not been vaccinated despite the lowering number of cases in the U.S.
and last but not least His own growing concern over the huge increase in incidents of depressed immune disorders, MS, Guillian Barr, and many other problems that drastically increased with the introduction of vaccines.


So, the dangers of the tetanus vaccine may be many, and the effectiveness of the vaccine are questionable at best. We are taking babies whose immune system is not even working yet, and injecting directly into the body not just bacteria and other diseases to which we hope their immune system, (which isn’t even functioning yet) will learn to battle, but also toxic chemicals that cause cancer, mental disorders, and who knows what other problems some of these additivies can cause. Not only this, as I will discuss in future articles, some of these diseases we are trying to conquor might actually play an important role in human health throughout adulthood.


Connie’s comments: I have rescheduled the start of vaccination to my babies from 2 months to 12 months to allow their body to have stronger immune system coupled by breastfeeding. The danger is in the lack of proper hygiene as we know now. The reason why infants immunization was scheduled to start at 2 months coincide with the baby care scheduled at first 12months, the time when parents bring their babies for monthly check up. Please be informed before any unnecessary medical interventions are given to your children.


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